About Conexion

Conexion - SITM Annual Management Conclave, has been devised to inspire dialogue on the core values of human resources, to inculcate high moral values, integrity and innovation in the budding managers guiding them to take a step forward to excellence and commitment at work while envisioning the future for further business growth.

Conexion'16 which is an endowment of Conexion’15 hosts the theme, “Reshaping Talent Management: Role of HR in Business Transformation”. The role of human resources has been evolving for some time. HR can provide value to understand how changing environmental, organizational, and workforce factors will likely influence the business, anticipate the associated HR needs, and be prepared to deliver appropriate solutions to meet those needs.

The conclave will take discussions and deliberations from “Talent Analysis through Technology” to the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve paradigm shift in the performance of people through Transformation.

The objectives under focus are :

  • To excel and exceed in the emerging environment and global competition, an organization must think out of box as conventional ways of doing things may produce only marginal improvements.
  • With the business environment changing rapidly and unpredictably, it becomes imperative for an organization to find a right balance for combating external & internal changes.
  • The HR Management Conclave- Conexion’16 at SITM aims to provide an interactive and intuitive platform, where industry and emerging talent meets to explore various strategies and discuss the insights of Business transformation to envisage the future business scenario.

Key Topics of Discussion


Discover the opportunities and attract desirable workforce talent in the market as per the organization growth needs


Strengthen and re-skill the available human resources to allow revolutionary flexibility in the workplace and business practices


Integrating the existing organization workforce with disruptive technologies to re-energize the performance management and to prolong / maintain the global consistency